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ARGH existential crisis catching up on me again. T_T


If you know anybody who's in the arashi fanclub or are already in it, please text/msn/skype/call/facebook message/livejournal message me!


Sep. 1st, 2009

8th of September, 1pm, Terminal 1, Changi Airport

I'm thinking of a lunch thing with NUS people (hopefully everyone all at the same time lol). But I don't know everyone's timetable, so how about Friday? Please book your time slots! ><

Life's good

God's voice exists in the form of the 12 cellists of Berlin Philharmornic and Rach's Symphony Number 2.



Gahhhh I went to the back page and this computer doesn't store what's written. T_T

So now I'm gonna just do it in point form.

1) One of the first few things I remember is Arashi's AU poster. There's this AU place near the hostel and everytime I see their poster, my heart goes doki-doki and tension goes up immediately cos Arashi is totally hot in suits.
2) First day was spent in Harajuku, wanted to go to the Ukiyo-e Museum but went to the opposite direction instead and started with Meiji jingu. Which has this calming and cleansing atmosphere. If you actually understand what I'm talking about. So I went to Museum Annex and Treasure Museum, for 200 yen, cos apparently they accept foreign students' card. I love this country. Anyway, Meiji jingu was basically built to commemorate Emperor Meiji and the Empress and the Japanese spirit they represented. Who basically played important roles when Japan opened up to the world and the various philanthropy acts the Empress had done. Then there's the Iris garden, which has no Iris because it's too cold. But otherwise, it's worth the 500 yen for the scenery.
3) Oh and this couple held a traditional wedding in the shrine that day. Which was really solemn and quiet. Culture shock! And apparently I'm not the only one who think this way cos all the tourists and even the locals stood around to watch them.
4) I wonder what the Singapore spirit is. And if we'll actually transport trees to create a forest just to commemorate our leaders. And who we should commemorate.
5) So after that I went to the Museum. Erm which I didn't really understand cos I didn't know Jap. But yea Ukiyo-e is basically this type of woodblock painting. And there are 2 main periods when this type of artwork flourished: Edo and Meiji. The former focused on shogun and feudal lord themed works, whilst the latter has more obvious Western elements in terms of the people's dressing. I hope I didn't get these information wrong. And I was totally spammed with names and dates, which was ! cos I was tired from walking around in Meiji jingu. It's very big k.
6) And then went to Takeshita Street. Hoping to see Harajuku girls with really havoc costumes but unfortunately I didn't. But yea it's basically like Haji Lane except more boisterous and attracts more attention. Oh yea, a lot of shops selling idol posters/photos, which reminds me of Hana Kimi.
7) Then to Shibuya. K this is amazing. You know how we cross intersections either horizontal or vertical but never diagonal. But this doesn't happen in Shibuya k. Everyone just tries all sorts of directions to get to which ever side they want to. Crazy people.
8) Then to Bunkamura, which means culture village, but it's not a village. Something like Esplanade but with visual arts and music. And more commercialised cos it's set up by Tokyu, this company that handles shopping malls. But I found this book shop which has all sorts if books related to arts. Music, photography, visual arts: contemporary and classical, architecture, CDs. I would have bought this book which talks about architecture and music but I don't understand the language so I didn't buy it. T_T
9) Finally, guess what, I gave away my virgin clubbing experience to Tokyo. I love you Tokyo. Not because of clubbing but yea you get what I mean. And erm I can understand why clubbing is boring. Cos it is. Unless the DJ is super imbal. Anyway I didn't go alone, I went with this group of Couchsurfers who basically host people/get hosted through this online portal. And I met like this whole bunch of pretty fun people. So good clubbing = good company. After you cancel away the common factors, you get clubbing = company. Yea anyway, the locals were very amused when I told them about how some Singaporeans know Johnny's Entertainment. And I was this close to fangirling to them about Arashi. And this girl was like, yea Ohno seems kind but looks a bit stupid. Oh and this Jap guy was really surprised when he hears me mentioning J-league. And some of the foreigners there, they are not tourists but they live in Tokyo for a few years already. I want to do that too haha.
10) And I'm not supposed to club in Japan because the legal drinking age is 20. But yea the bouncers gave me the leeway cos I'm cute. I mean, cos it's an exception and I should try new things.
11) Ramen after that. 24 hours Ramen shop! So basically in 2 days I saw 2 sides of Shibuya, one really crowded and crazy and another empty and peaceful. And I saw Sho's Yatterman poster. And Nino's AU poster. Feel like stealing them. Erm, you didn't hear that.
12) Clubbing also = weird people. By that I mean random guys walk up to you and try to flirt with you. Which is quite disgusting but I just find them desperate. And pathetic. And same for the girls who have no self-respect and let the guys do whatever they want.
13) So yea, I went back to the hostel at 6 plus am. T_T When I slept till 12 pm. Got lunch, went to Shinjuku. The Metropolitan Government Building. 45th storey, observatory. Tokyo is PACKED and CROWDED. Then to Shinjuku Central Park. Which has no sakura yet. But it's pretty nonetheless, probably because of the dusk and sunset. Then went to this street with yakitori stalls, old school-style. Can't remember the name which was changed actually. Travel guide not updated! Erm the shop I went to was opened by this couple -I assume they are- from mainland China. They speak pretty good Jap.
14) Sorry no photos cos I forgot to bring it out on the first day and when I did today, it's battery flat. Apparently it takes 10 hours to finish charging. And get drained after a few hours. And I don't have converters. Shall try to find in Akihabara. But high chance that I end up with no photos this time. Which sucks I know. T_T
15) The only thing I don't like about Tokyo is the food. Too salty. -yea Kanto region- And the computer keyboards. But otherwise, I'm happy with Tokyo.

I don't feel like going back. Tokyo is worth way more than 9 days. Or rather, 7, cos traveling takes up about 2 days. And I love how it's multi-faceted and exciting. Everyday is a new adventure! And traveling is not that bad, cos most people are friendly. And it's really more map reading skills than language skills. Yea. And I got to know quite a lot of locals trying to learn Chinese, so tell them you know Chinese and English, then you don't have to communicate in Jap anymore, for they will try to practise Chinese and English on you. Which is what this convenience stall guy did. And he said I'm cute. HAHAHAHA.

Did I mention that I love this country?

! I think I've forgotten how to spell.


Mar. 8th, 2009

Erm speaking of end of A levels and 12 years of education, can I borrow somebody's KI and Econs notes? You know, just in case I go crazy and want to follow Sakurai's footsteps and do Econs. And well, KI is just for fun yea. Thanks a million!

Went back to TKGS this afternoon. And I totally fail at finding teachers. ): Oh the very nice wanton mee stall closed down. -makes sad face-

I think the closing of the stall signifies something. Sigh good old times that can only exist in our memories.

And I went to borrow books again.


Feb. 27th, 2009

From htenywg:
Association Meme: Comment on this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. (I think the 5 things are pretty much self-explanatory)

1. First 3 months
So basically I went to VJ for the first 3 months and met Gwen! And somehow got to know the other 410ers along the way. I'm not a staunch believer of fate, but well, I'm quite amazed by how people are connected at times. 

2. Leaves
Sorry, at first glance I thought this means going away, leaving...

3. Yangqin
Unfortunately, I may not be continuing lessons anymore. At least, not until I find some money to fund both piano and yangqin lessons.

4. Ohno
All I can say is, I'm honoured to be associated with him. Basically he's everything I'm not. ):

5. Your tennis shoes, I don't remember what they were. Mizuno? Hahaha.
They were badminton shoes! And I have no idea how this came about.


Feb. 26th, 2009

1) I thought 平假名 is quite feminine. And I'm right! Anyway I'm done with all 46 syllabi. Hopefully I can finish the entire 平假名 and 片假名 by end of this week.

2) There are a lot of rumours about the date of release of results. Just when I'm feeling comfortable with myself and my life, I have to go back to THAT school again. Come to think of it, I'm more nervous about going back to THAT school than getting back the results.

3) So whenever I think of THAT school and horrible memories come back to me, I try to think of happier things. Like going to Japan, the very gay boyband. Or just concentrate in things like trying to memorise 平假名 and practising piano. Which prove to be very effective by the way.

4) And I just showed my dad this short cut from Himitsu no Arashi. The part where Sho and Jun were trying to aim random things (like bread into toaster for example). He's very awed. My dad I mean. (Then again, he's awed by a lot of things, like 五月天's Hokkien songs)


Hi everybody, it's decided that I will be going Japan from 13th to 21st of March. If you want anything, please leave a comment here/on facebook/sms/call and pay me before the trip. (:

I am so excited lalala. Ohno Japan here I come!